Why collaborating and innovating together in the global Fresh Produce sector is more important than ever

How technology and smart robotics can limit the impact of future viruses and global threats

(This article is the basis behind a recent video message (below) prepared for the Fresh Produce market and for different interviews held with our CCO & Founder, Richard Vialle)

COVID-19 is affecting all of us. All over the world we are being challenged by this situation. It is our firm belief that in these days, we need to collaborate to address urgent needs, and at the same time to look forward, on how we can limit the impact of future threats like these.

As a technology group at One of A Kind Technologies, we deliver automation technology within the Food, Pharma and Agriculture markets. It is our purpose that we keep serving these vital markets who ensure that people get medicines and have access to healthy food.

We would like to express our recognition and gratitude for all growers, farmers and packing centers for their unlimited commitment to bring fresh and healthy food to our tables every day.

KOAT secures growth and future development within the One of A Kind Technologies group

KOAT B.V. will be acquired by One of A Kind Technologies (OOAKT), a successful high-tech specialist in vision and robotics in the fields of Pharma, Food and Agriculture.

KOAT was founded in 1992 as ‘Koppens Ontwikkeling en Aanvoer Techniek’. The last decade the company has further developed and grown under the direction and ownership of Managing Director, Kees van Dam. KOAT develops, delivers and integrates production processing lines and internal transport systems for the horticulture greenhouse market worldwide. It has a vast experience in automating the material handling of freshly harvested crops and vegetables such as tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers.

One of A Kind Technologies is a high-tech scale-up in Eindhoven, The Netherlands focused on Computer Vision & Robotics in its markets Agriculture, Food and Pharma. With its Crux Agribotics brand (http://cruxagribotics.com) it develops and delivers compelling and innovative robotics towards the agriculture and horticulture markets. Together with KOAT it developed the SortiPack® system which integrates Automated Grading, Sorting and Packing of Tomatoes and other crops enabling growers to scale up productivity with less dependence on human labor.

Both companies see the increasing demand for automation within the agriculture market world-wide. Increasing labor scarcity, cost and demands for flexible harvesting, packing and handling including track and tracing functionality to ensure food safety are key drivers for the companies’ growth strategies.